Welcome to Victoria Park Baptist Church, Bristol. We’re a church of all ages and backgrounds!

We’re a group of everyday people from all walks of life, but with one thing in common: we believe there’s a God, most clearly revealed in Jesus, who made us and is interested in us personally; who hates to see us lonely, sad or suffering, and wants us to be able to live life to the full!

Our aim is to learn about God and what he has done for us, and to respond to that in any way we can. We’re learning about ourselves too, how to conquer our failings and how God can help. It’s an epic journey – come and join us!

You’ll find us on St. John’s Lane in the heart of Bedminster, Windmill Hill, Totterdown and Lower Knowle, and on Facebook here. The young people are on Facebook here.

This is a short document explaining what our church is, and what we believe:
What is Victoria Park Baptist Church?